My Best Man's Art DVD (NC) (S)

Man's Art
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Man's art® was created at the beginning of 2002 and during this short period they have managed to become the best-selling and best-known label in Germany! The more innocent years of early adulthood are depicted by man's art® and their athletic young men. These teenagers and twenty-somethings discover how to play and have fun at the same time. Theirs is a game of learning to play with their bodies with the joy that only sensual discoveries can bring! man's art® produces four films per year and their films are also distributed in the US and Canada.

In recent year's Man's art® director MARCEL BRUCKMANN won the Venus award for "Best gay director international" at the Venus fair in Berlin!

Adam Schneider, Aaron Smith, Adrian Winter, Alex Bastala, Basti Oliver, Carey Lexes, Christophe Juvet, David Young, Denis Reed, Dimitri Popkov, Dominik Wagner, Felix Wallace, Gerry Owan, Joi Mitchell, Jordan Fox, Julian Meinel, Justin Beekers, Kawan Silveira, Kriss Stahl, Leonardo DuPont, Lukas Christiansen, Marco West, Martin Brawer, Miquel de Sanchuez, Peer Paulus, Philip Denin, Philippe Delvaux, Rafael Rocco, Rico Hoffmann, Ronald Laska, Simon Weber, Sonny Conrad, Thommy Erick, Toby Von Sayn, Tom Smith, Marcel Bruckmann 
Marcel Bruckmann
Czech Republic
Man's Art
Run Time:
360 minutes

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