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There’s a certain degree of irony in this brief vignette featuring Dillon Day and Martin North given that it’s entitled “Virgin Ass”, in as much as North’s delicious little fuck-hole remains as untouched by cock at the end of it as it was at the beginning. That’s not to claim that it goes untouched, however. Indeed, the heavenly tight pucker enjoys a full-on fingering courtesy of Day – an act that is clearly more than enough to give the young virgin a powerful and very sticky climax. All the same, one of the biggest delights here is the simplicity of the scenario – two very handsome dudes, donning nothing more than jeans and vest-tops, enjoying an unexpectedly intimate moment at work when one of the machines they use has a problem. Unwilling to call an engineer to try and rectify the problem, Day promptly decides to take full advantage of the situation – and the tears in his buddy’s trousers! – by groping his colleague’s arse. It’s a move that in reality would probably end up with an immediate visit to HR. In this particular fantasy, however, North responds by allowing his work-mate to thrust a collection of digits into his rear. Not that he could possibly claim that he wasn’t enjoying the attention anyway, given the enormous boner that he’s got jutting out from his crotch by this point! Suffice it to say that it’s no time at all before North is quite literally creaming himself with excitement; leaving him to wrap the scene up by getting down on his knees so that he can take Day’s very generous wad of spunk in his mouth, for a deliciously chin-dripping finale!
Dillon Day, Martin North 
Vlado Iresh
Czech Republic
Bottom Boys Scenes
Run Time:
6 minutes
Release Date:


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