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My Dirtiest Fantasy
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There's always a first time for everything, for these boys it's pain! Starting off with Liam Stone and Yah-Jil, who firstly ties the boy up before commencing the pain! Yah-Jil spanks the boy and now and then rimms the boys hole to ease the pain, but it's not all over yet! After a brutal fuck, Liam is moved over to a medical style bed, where the torment continues, his cock and balls are placed in a vice, however, Yah-Jil want's to ease the pain for the boy, so he sucks and jerks the boys cock! Moving on to the second scene, Noah gets a fierce torment by Titus, After being fucked, and Titus pleased, Noah is put into a hole in the wall, bound, and he has his hole played with by different toys! But it'd seem Noah is enjoying himself, which, isn't allowed! So Titus ties up the boy, puts some pegs on his body, and then whips them off! With the pain over, Titus now places Noah on a table, tied down, and jerks the boy till he bursts!
Liam Stone, Yah-Jil, Titus Snow, Noah Pierce 
Timmy Treasure
My Dirtiest Fantasy
Run Time:
79 minutes
Release Date: