Sneaker Sex I: Kick It, Feel It, Lick It! DVD

Sneaker Sex
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A young man experiences the fulfillment of this sexual fantasies in an interactive cybercabin. They are fetishes revolving around feet, sport-socks, sneakers and boots. He can order these objects by accessing the "feel it" mode on the screen. There is also the possibility for him to beam himself into the movie clips that are being shown in order to have sex with the sports - or armystyle clad of young men. Thus he witnesses firsthand how an apprentice is forced to caress the feet of his boss, who later on during this encounter pours beer over him. While the apprentice has to suck the coworkers penis, his other colleagues fondle him with their feet, which are covered by thick white and grey socks.

The homo-fetish movie is filmed with a Betacam SP camera in broadcast quality on location in Berlin and promises exquisite entertainment for everyone who enjoys foot fetishes and playful tender S&M games.

Daniel, Jens, Erik, Wolfgang, Frank, Jimmy, Cyrillus, Tapio, artin, Felix, Benno 
Oliver Luck
Sneaker Sex
Run Time:
90 minutes

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