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Why on earth the handsome Richard Said should feel the need to get drunk when he’s got Cameron Jackson to look at behind the bar is anyone’s guess – maybe he needs Dutch courage to make the necessary pass? Whatever the reason, there’s a distinct danger that he’ll be so inebriated by the time he gets to stake his claim on Jackson’s gorgeous body that any chance of a top-notch performance will be out of the question. Fortunately, the young fellow is still in control of all his necessary faculties when the opportunity arises. What’s more, Jackson – being Jackson! – is only too willing and eager to return the advance; and before you know it the two fellows are smooching away on the bed like a pair of action-starved sex gods. Given the situation, it comes as no surprise that both boys are soon out of their clothes and taking turns at slurping on every inch of hard cock that’s very quickly on offer; before Jackson takes advantage of Said’s prostrate position on the bed to give his new pal’s hairless arse-hole a very vigorous rimming. It’s a move that clearly leaves the young, horned-up drinker with a distinct thirst for hard cock inside him; and soon Jackson is easing his world-famous ramrod exactly where it belongs. The sight of the lad’s ever-swollen balls energetically slapping against Said’s butt as he pounds away is unquestionably one of the highlights of this encounter; and there’s every good chance that you’ll have dumped a heavy wad long before both boys have taken the opportunity to unload and the final twist in the story has been revealed!
Richard Said, Cameron Jackson 
Vlado Iresh
Czech Republic
Raw Scenes
Run Time:
18 minutes
Release Date: