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Kinky Hardcore Twinks
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These kinky twins are in for a whole world of pain and pleasure as their tormentors demand to know Who's Your Master now! With his hands tied and a hood over his head, one helpless twink is made to gag on a big, fat cock – and there's nothing he can do about it. Another has his legs splayed open with a spreader bar so his ass is laid bar for his master to shove anything up his tight chute – including an oversized dildo. One cutie tries to keep the pain under wraps as he is whipped by his daddy whilst another is used, abused and slowly coated in hot wax. These helpless twinks are definitely not masters of their own destiny as they are used as pleasure pawns in over two hours of painful action!
Aaron Aurora, Ashton Bradley, Sebastian Evans, Ashton Bradley, Skylar Blu, Adam Watson, Casper Ellis, Deacon Hunter, Josh Dixon, Sean McKenzie 
United Kingdom
Kinky Hardcore Twinks
Run Time:
129 minutes
Release Date: