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Twink Cocks
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Oscar and Robert may be young, but they are seasoned farm boys who not only love the great outdoors, but sucking cock and fucking a tight ass, and the hay barn is just the place for a clandestine encounter. Mickey, Leo and Colby may be young army cadets, but they can play just as well as the big boys when it comes to locking, loading and shooting their meaty weapons and two hot boys love nothing more than a little alone time as they kiss with passion and fuck each other with a wanton desire. These lads are lust filled lovers with only one thing on their mind and that's sucking and fucking each other's hot and hard Twink Cocks.
Mickey Taylor, Leo Rain Colby Parker, Sam Slade, Luckas Layton, Oscar Roberts, Shaun Mann, Aron, Justin 
United Kingdom
Twink Cocks
Run Time:
92 minutes
Release Date:

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