Desire for Hire DVD

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Real Urban Men Productions delivers yet another ass fuckin’, cock suckin’, flick with its all new, supercharged DVD. Cover model Angyl Valentino makes his video debut as he meets his prison Pen Pal, Jizz, after his release. He’s everything Angyl wanted so he drops to his knees to show Jizz his skills...sucking his balls and cock like a man gone wild! Jizz throws him on the bed and sucks his dick for a while before he eats his ass to loosen him up for his rock hard cock. Jizz fucks him in 3 positions before he dumps his load into his mouth and jams his cock in, to shove the cum down his throat. Angyl quickly cums from the excitement, but Jizz is quick to remind him that this desire of his was for hire. And that's just the first scene!
Adonis Cheeks, Jizz, Afrikan Prince, Shawty, Smokey, Angyl Valantino, Venom 
Rob Greco
United States
Run Time:
97 minutes