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Kinky Hardcore Twinks
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If you’re a fan of romantic vanilla then prepare for disappointment, as these Dark Secrets harbour a display of cock-crazed filth that only a signed-up deviant could ever really hope to appreciate. These submissive twinks can do noting but succumb to the whims of their twisted masters as they are whipped and dripped in hot wax, but that's just the tip of the iceberg as they know there are more violations in store for their exposed bodies. Spreader bars and bondage rope combine to keep them defenceless against ass invasions with dildos, fingers and cocks prevalent in the abuse, whilst twisted minds play out their kinks and freaky fantasies on these helpless twinks. The boys might wish for freedom, but their dicks can't deny they love the pain!
Cameron Wilson, Kenzie Mitch, Sebastian Kane, Jonny Parker, Edwin Sykes, Aaron Aurora 
United Kingdom
Kinky Hardcore Twinks
Run Time:
101 minutes
Release Date: