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Sneaker Stories
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These guys are addicted to cock, ass, cum and sneakers – and this Big Addiction is guaranteed to get them into trouble! In pursuit of a fix, they get their mouths filled with fat dick and they're definitely not oral virgins as they chew, suck and blow the meatiness that pads their cheeks. Needing a hit, they'll reach for a dirty trainer and cover their mouths and noses as they breath in the heady aroma which is the equivalent of a crack pipe to these sneaker freaks. Just watch as it gives them a rush like no other and they plow the ass that's on offer. They are ready to blow, but want the excitement of a butt fucking before they shoot a wad of creamy goo – but when they finally do – tsunami time!!
Gabriell, Yo Dragon, Picwik, Ted TN, Fabien Footeux, Jess Royan, Tiago Gonzales, Juan XXL, Maxence Angel, Maxou Spears, Tim Cosla, Akim Ibrahim. 
Sneaker Stories
Run Time:
170 minutes
Release Date:

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